10 Reasons why your hotel business is getting into trouble

September 19, 2019by admin0

How to improve hotel business? Has this ever occurred to you as hotelier?

Hospitality business is pretty straight forward, but if you make small errors it can cost you big. Below are ten main reasons which you may improve on to strengthen your hotel business.

  1. No contact information provided

Put yourself in the shoes of traveller, who is about to make a booking with you. What if they try to reach out to you, and they don’t know how to. There are high chances that they will leave your website booking and may never return.

A simple chat bot or live chat option can save the day, According to stats 38% of online buyers interacted with business through the feature of live chat. An attractive and interactive website may just end up as marketing tool if you forget to add contact information, so ensure your email address or phone number is there, and remember to respond.

  1. Avoid “open in new tab”

It is sometimes very troubling for web visitor to click on a link on your site and automatically get directed to another tab. A cluster of tabs can be rather distracting. So simply just provide them with required information on an inter link. Even though you should not restrict them from opening information to another, but let them make a choice.

  1. Incorrect use of social media

Social media is the most convenient platform to capitalise on. However it is often under-utilised. Social media has great potential to a show a high ROI, given that is used properly.

Did you know you can drive sales from social media? What you actually want from social media is to drive traffic to your website.

Create a checklist for every post. Make sure to evaluate every post against that checklist and eventually you will see results.

  1. Bad Quality of photos

From personal experience I can say that no one likes to watch poor quality images, firstly it does not give a good image of your brand. Secondly it is not true depiction of the services that you offer. It is extremely crucial let the visual content used to speak for itself. It should have a true reflection of your service quality.

When getting professional photography done for your hotel remember to take shots of your hotel staff dealing with the guests, also include scenic visuals and comfort you provide. Show the travel buyer that your hotel is worth spending on.

  1. Downloads for simple information

Image you’re looking for rooms rates at a certain hotel and you are required to download that list. It may not matter to you much but it is certainly demanding effort from your potential hotel guest. Try to keep simple by adding a booking engine on your site. The guest can simply insert there dates of travel and find the room rates. It is much more personalised and gives you an opportunity to amend rates in case there is a seasonal pike.

  1. Connecting to irrelevant distribution channel

When you connect to OTAs manually or by channel manager it is important to know who your customers are. Also do research on multiple platforms so that you place your property on the relevant platform, which is suitable for your target audience.

  1. Ignoring the local area

A guest when buys a stay at hotel, they are actually buying the experience they expect to be delivered by the destination. It is good idea to capitalise local culture and the services which are available to be offered.

Make sure you become ally with the local service provider and use their service as an upsell to your services, which can help your guests to not just stay at your hotel but also experience the charms of the destination they are at.

  1. Underestimating reviews

An article published by International Journal of Hospitality tells that online reviews and hotel booking intention are directly correlated variables.

  1. Not paying attention to seasonality

Keep attention on the seasonality because it gives you an ability to identify future trends. Your room prices have direct relation to the peak times, and for the rest of the year you need to make sure to adjust to those rates so that you can sell the rooms off seasons too. A simple tip here to try and give perks of booking a room at your hotel during off seasons, in addition to that get prepared to take new staff on board to cater to pikes, so that you do not end up compromising on your services and disappointing your guests when they are least expecting a disappointment.

  1. Lacking attention to detail in housekeeping.

97% of the guests say cleanliness is an important factor when making a hotel booking; in fact one of the common complaints from guest is about cleanliness of the room. There are times when guest leave a review about your hotel as dirty, and a study by Emprise white paper reveals that 90% of the guests refrain from making a booking at such hotel including myself. Hence your housekeeping team cannot compromise on hospitality standards of cleanliness it will take direct you guest in the opposite direction to your hotel.

above stated reasons will aid you on how to improve hotel business, while making your hotel more relevant to current trends.


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